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Oil​ refinery​ and​ plant and tower column of Petrochemistry industry in oil​ and​ gas​ ​industrial with​ cloud​ orange​ ​sky the sunrise​ background​

Industrial Customers

Our goal is to help our industrial customers receive the highest level of service from their electric utility.


  • We want your company to purchase energy at the lowest cost possible. Call us to set-up an appointment to meet with a customer advocate to ensure our rates match your usage.
  • At RP&L we want our customers to use energy efficiently to keep production costs competitive. Call us to show you how it works.
  • Yes, we have a thermography service that can help you identify potential equipment thermal trouble.
  • Yes, we have an ultrasonic detection service that can find system air leaks without shutting any machines down.
  • The electrical environment in your factory can be tricky, especially when installing, or using, new energy efficient equipment. Call RP&L to monitor your factory’s power quality to avoid potential mismatches.
  • RP&L also provides process audits that can show what a particular manufacturing process adds to your overall electric bill. We believe knowledge is power.

NEW CUSTOMERS: Let us help you set up your electric service.

Infrared / Ultrasonic

technician use thermal imaging camera to check temperature in factory

Infrared thermal imaging systems are valuable tools that may be used to pinpoint problem areas and avoid costly plant shutdowns. The use of thermal imaging does not eliminate the need for a thorough preventive maintenance program.

Power Partners

Business people shaking hands.

Power Partners is a trademarked program designed by Richmond Power & Light to assist you with specific energy solutions. Power Partners offers a unique “team” approach commitment to our customers to investigate energy solutions and provide valuable information.

Engineering Services

Thinking of expansion? Contact our Engineering Department first. Their ability to assess future energy needs will often determine a cost effective plan.

Power Quality for Industrial Customers

Power-related problems can be linked to the growth of computer-based loads. Not only is there more sensitive equipment in the field but the loads are frequently installed in office and production environments that do not enjoy the ambient controls and wiring enhancements typically designed into dedicated computer rooms.

At RP&L we believe customer service is a partnership to which we offer many value-added electrical resources.

Example objectives for Power Quality investigation maximize customers productivity through improvements in power quality:

  • Determine existing power for electrical supply system
  • Evaluate power quality concerns within a customer’s facility
  • Develop recommendations for power quality improvements
  • Predictive maintenance, a specialized monitoring to determine the possible power scenarios before there is a problem

Contact our Meter Department at 765-973-7370.