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Renewable Energy

What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable Energy are energy sources that are natural and continuous, they can often be very plentiful depending on the location. Renewable energy includes solar energy, wind energy, water energy, geothermal energy, and certain biomass/biofuels*. There is a downside to renewable energy sources because they generally require a substantial amount of infrastructure to generate appreciable amount of power. For example, solar energy requires expensive solar panels and wind energy requires wind turbines. Getting energy from flowing water requires dams, and so on.

Renewable energy is a critical solution to the needs of our energy demand. Demand for electricity continues to escalate locally as well as globally. Richmond Power & Light is active in pursuing feasible renewable energy technologies. RP&L will make every attempt to deliver the best renewable energy technology for our customers.

More information on this issue as it unfolds and the delivery mechanism becomes feasible…

*Biological material such as trees and plants can be turned into fuel through a process called biomass. Trees, grass, grains, vegetables and municipal solid waste are all easy to grow, harvest and create infrastructure to generate renewable energy.