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Billing Options

Pay By Mail:
You can mail your check or money order along with the top part of your electric bill. Keep the bottom half for your records. Mail the payment in plenty of time for it to reach our office by the due date. Your payment will be credited to your account on the day it is received.

Pay By Phone: We will accept Mastercard, Visa, and Discover cards. Call 765-973-7200, opt #2.

Drop Box Payments:
A night depository box at our Customer Service Office is located next to the north door. To avoid a penalty or a possible disconnect, make sure your payment is made in a timely manner.

In Person at our Customer Service Office:
There are 2 ways for you to pay your bill at 44 South 8th Street. Make payments inside at the service counter or at the drive-up window. Office hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Mon - Fri.

We provide you with a secure web site and a policy to keep your transactions private. By registering, you can monitor your account and view usage charts as well as pay your bill. I want to register for a new account now.


Do you have a general question about your bill? Click here to get a description of each section of your bill. Show me more About My Bill.

A Direct Debit is an instruction that you give to your bank to collect an amount directly from your account. The transaction is initiated by the bank. It is typical to see payments for utility bills set up this way. I'd like to read more about it.

Budget Billing is also known as an equal payment plan. It is a method which power utilities charge a even monthly amount to a customer's bill based on an estimated consumption profile. This consumption profile is usually calculated over a 12 month period. We adjust your budget annually. I'm interested in more information.

If you receive a disconnect notice and cannot make the entire payment, contact our Customer Service Office to see if you are eligible for a Payment Agreement. Our customer service representatives will be glad to work with you. I need to talk with a representative.

Occasionally, there are programs to help our customers who struggle paying their utility bill. You would have to check with our customer service office to see if you are eligible for Assistance. What agencies can help?