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Direct Debit

Pay your electric bill automatically by having the payment directly withdrawn from your checking or savings account.

What is Direct Debit Billing?
The Automatic Payment Plan is a method by which RP&L draws money from your bank account to pay your monthly electric bill. The payment is made automatically each month.

How will the Direct Debit Billing work?
Once you sign up for the direct debit billing, you will receive your bill each month as usual. Included on the bill will be a statement indicating the amount and the due date that the direct debit will occur:

Is there a charge for Direct Debit Billing?
RP&L does not charge for this service, however, we suggest you check with your bank to see what their policy is.

When will my account be drafted each month?
The automatic bank drafts will occur on the due date. If the date falls on a holiday or weekend, the draft will occur the next business day.

Can I cancel direct debit billing whenever I wish?
You can cancel direct debit billing at any time with written notice to RP&L.

How will this affect Budget Billing?

If your account is set up on the budget program, your bill will appear as it has in the past. The only change is that the payment will be drafted each month automatically for you.

How do I sign up for the direct debit billing?

If you are interested in the direct debit billing, you simply need to fill out the authorization form. Include the appropriate voided item for the type of account to be drafted (voided check for checking account, deposit/withdrawal slip for savings account). Mail the form to RP&L and we will do the rest.

After I send in the authorization form, how long will it take before my payments are made automatically by bank draft?
As soon as we receive your authorization form, we will put the information in your billing file. We estimate that it will take one billing cycle to complete this process.

Who do I call if I have more questions?

Call the RP&L office at 765-973-7200, and ask for the billing department.

Get Me Started

The effective date is the due date of your bill.  In other words, your bill continues to arrive as it does now, but the amount that's due, is taken out of your account on the due date.

For Direct Debit from your checking or savings account:

       Download Checking/Savings Account Form

The process is complete when you receive your statement indicating that the payment will be deducted from your bank.