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New Customers
Our service boundaries and how to get your electric service started.

Customer Service Policy
Download our complete Customer Service Policy here.

Customer Billing Options
Several ways we accommodate our customers.

Our meter department ensures the accuracy of all meters and meter readings. We also investigate reports of usage irregularities, and can answer any meter, power quality, rate, or general inquiry.

Dusk to Dawn Lights
Interested in a DD light? Do you have a DD light that's not burning?

Change My Mailing Address
Need your bills mailed to a different address?

Medical Needs
We care about your medical needs. See what we do to help.

Credit Letter Request
When you need a Credit Reference letter for your new electric company.

Terms & Conditions
Everything you need to know.

Send us your thoughts and concerns.

Utility Sales Tax Exemption Form
The information requested on the ST-200 enables the Indiana Department of Revenue to determine the exempt status of metered utility service.