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Budget Billing

Richmond Power & Light offers a budget billing plan to its customers who want to evenly distribute their summer cooling bills or winter heating bills. The plan is available to all RP&L customers who have established a billing history of at least 12 months at their current address. There are two prerequisites to taking part in the budget billing plan:

  1. You must sign and return the authorization form.

  2. Your account must not have any past due amounts.

Customers who fulfill the above mentioned requirements will be billed the agreed up on budgeted amount in their next scheduled bill. We determine how much you would pay on the budget billing plan by averaging your prior 12-month billing history for your current address. The data used in this calculation becomes your budget amount. Your budget is reviewed periodically, at least on an annual basis, and necessary adjustments will be made accordingly.  Reasons for the change in your budget plan could be the result of an increase or decrease in usage that could significantly affect your budget balance. We review your budget periodically and make necessary adjustments as a result of changes in usage or in service rates.

If you would like to sign up for our budget billing plan, please call our main office at 765-973-7200, Opt#4, for the billing department, and we will send you the necessary paperwork  explaining the plan, along with the authorization form. 


If, at any time, you are disconnected for nonpayment you will be removed from the budget billing plan and the outstanding balance on your account will become due.  In addition, it will be necessary to remove you from the plan if you receive a disconnect notice and request a payment arrangement.  After the agreement has been fulfilled, customers can begin the budget process once again.