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Agreements for Partial Payments & Late Payments

Partial payments and payments that are made with a disconnect or reminder notice, will only be accepted at Richmond Power & Light's Customer Service Office.

If you write a check for your bill, and the check doesn't clear the bank, a $20.00 returned check charge will be added to your bill. If your check doesn't clear the bank, you will have to pick up your check at our Customer Service Office, and the full amount of your check plus the $20.00 returned check charge must be paid in cash at that time. If your check was for a payment agreement payment, your agreement may be broken and the entire balance of the agreement would need to be made to continue services.

Your bill is due 17 days from the day it is mailed. After the due date, a penalty is charged.  At this time, you would be sent a reminder notice giving you approximately 15 days to make the payment current. If you have a balance that becomes 49 days old, you will receive a disconnection notice.

If you receive a disconnect notice and have difficulty paying it in full, please contact our Customer Service Office at 765-973-7200 and select Option #3 to see if you are eligible for a payment agreement. Our customer service representatives will be glad to work with you. However, if a customer makes only a partial payment, sends in a promissory note, or makes no contact with us concerning a delinquent bill, we have no alternative but to disconnect the electric service.