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Industrial and Commercial
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Public Power's Commitment to Reducing Greenhouse Gases: Meeting the Challenge

The electric power industry has substantially reduced
carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions
and will continue to do so. Read more from APPA


An APPA video that highlights the importance of the public power business model and why communities take pride in having their own not-for-profit electric utility serving them. Watch the video.

What to Know During a Power Outage

If your lights go out, we are fully prepared to handle the situation with a procedure to restore power as quickly as possible. However, some of the most useful information we can recieve about an outage is from you. READ MORE


Attention Industrial & Commercial Customers!

Check out IMPA's prescriptive rebate program here!

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Cooler Temperatures Cause Higher Bills

With our unusual cooler temperatures, customers should expect increased energy bills. A small electric space heater can have a substantial effect on your energy bill. A single small electric heater used just a few hours a day can boost your electric bill as much as $20 to $30 dollars in a single month.

To see the effect of appliances on your bill check out these energy calculators.


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