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Meter Department Mission:

The Richmond Power and Light Meter Department ensures that our customers' needs are met promptly and completely. We promptly react to all customer meter, power quality, billing, usage, rate, and general inquiries to provide our customers the answers they require. We ensure the accuracy of all meters and meter readings on our system through training, periodic and on-request meter testing, and through the constant use of new technology. We are highly skilled and trained professionals who work safely daily with the tools, test equipment and forward thinking procedures needed to provide our customers with safe, reliable, and low cost energy and excellent customer service. To contact our Meter Department please call 765-973-7243.

AMR Meters:

RP&L installs meters that are referred to as AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) meters. We can receive readings remotely from these meters either through handheld devices, which the meter readers carry, or through "fixed network" receivers mounted on poles or street lights. The advantage of having a meter read through the fixed network is the meter is read several times a day and it stores your last reading for each day. This can be a very useful tool to help our customers who have concerns about their electric usage. Over 90% of our meters have already been replaced with AMR meters and we are replacing more each day. We will always require access to your meter in order to investigate irregularities, test the meters, turn the service on and off as you request, and most importantly, to verify the readings either because you have requested it, or periodically on our schedule. These digital meters have done many things for us already. The best thing for you, our customers, is that they have eliminated almost all estimated readings and almost all "Re-reads". No one likes to be estimated because of weather or inaccessible meters, and these meters have made it possible to get actual readings in almost any condition. The AMR meters have also greatly improved reading accuracy and cut down the requests for "Re-Reads" to almost nothing. Even when you don't see footprints in the snow, you can rest assured that your meter was read correctly by RP&L. They have also made it much easier for us to identify and confirm acts of Meter Tampering.

Meter Tampering

It is ILLEGAL under Indiana code 35-43-5-3 to tamper with your electric meter! Do not cut the seal on your meter base for any reason! If you need your seal cut for access to the meter base, call RP&L to schedule someone to come out and help you. Only RP&L employees are authorized to cut our seals or remove our meters. Energy theft is a growing problem. Although only a few of our customers have ever been found to be tampering with their meters, this problem seems to be happening more and more often. When people try to lower their own electric bills by tampering with their meter, they are not only exposing themselves to criminal charges, but also to a very dangerous situation. When you tamper with your meter, there's a good chance you'll be electrocuted or will start a fire.

When people tamper with their electric meters, they are stealing from RP&L... and from you! Just as department stores have to cover their losses from shoplifting by increasing their prices, we have to cover our losses from shoplifting by raising our electric bills. In effect, you are paying for the dishonesty of others!

We have trained our employees to recognize the signs of meter tampering. RP&L has, and will continue to, prosecute anyone who has tampered with their electric meter or tries to reconnect their electric service.

If you know, or suspect, anyone of tampering with their electric meter, or who has illegally reconnected their electric service, please call Richmond Power & Light at 973-7243, or after hours at 765-973-7200. You don't have to give us your name, but if you do decide to tell us who you are the information will be kept confidential!

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