How it Works

Electrical charges develop inside a storm cloud. Positively charged atoms go to the top of the cloud. Negatively charged atoms go to the bottom. If the negatively charged atoms become too crowded, they "jump" to another part of the cloud, to a different cloud, or to the ground. This jump causes a huge spark of static electricity called LIGHTNING!

During a lightning storm, seek shelter in a house or large building. Stay away from windows and metal objects, such as radiators.

What you need to DO:

Get away from water.
Get away from wire fences, clotheslines, & metal pipes.
Stay low to the ground. Go to a ditch or other low area. (But watch out for sudden floods.)
Stay under a large group of trees.
Stay in the car, if you're in one.
Let go of anything you're carrying that's made of metal.

What you DONT do:

Fly kites or model planes.
Stand under a lone tree.
Stand in a flat place.
Go inside a small shed.
Ride a bicycle.
Use a phone, unless it's an emergency.
Be the tallest object around (Remember, stay low to the ground!)