We Use Electricity Everyday!

Today, our way of life and standard of living, all depends on electric power! Electricity happens when the balancing force between protons and electrons (basic elements of every atom) is upset by an outside force; electrons in the atoms transmit an electrical charge through solid matter (such as metal) to produce an Electrical Current.

Electricity has no color, weight, size or smell?

Inside RP&L's Generating Station

1. We start with coal.
2. A pulverizer grinds the coal to powder.
3. The powder is burned in a furnace where there are pipes full of water.
4. The water turns into steam and gets carried out of the furnace and to a turbine.
5. The steams causes the turbine to spin.
6. As the turbine spins, it also turns a generator rotor which produces the electricity.
7. From the generator, the electricity is pushed out through a transformer.
8. The transformer reduces the voltage to a level that is correct for your house, and the power lines deliver the electricity to your home.